INFOGRAPHIC: Growing Demand for Mobile Payments

Our new infographic dives into the world of mobile payments, and discovers some fascinating statistics about the usage of mobile payments in the UK.

Mobile Payments Infographic

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Mobile Payments Tipped to Engulf UK Mass Market


The UK’s appetite for mobile payments is surging, which we define as payments made via the mobile phone directly onto your mobile phone bill, or using available credit from a pay-as-you-go account, for physical or quasi-physical goods. Our research reveals that over 23 million people would like to use mobile payments. Read more

Oxygen8 Honoured to Join Band Aid 30 Team to Raise Money in Fight against Ebola

There are certain events that happen only a few times in a lifetime, which can truly change people’s lives forever. Band Aid is one of them. It is 30 years since Sir Bob Geldof created Band Aid to fight famine across the African continent. And in the last week, the fourth iteration of Band Aid has been announced to raise money to tackle the Ebola crisis. Read more

5 Mobile Marketing Tips For The Fast Food & Takeaway Sector

With the annual Take Away Expo around the corner, the industry is buzzing with excitement about the improvement of existing technology solutions and new products that are going to reform the industry in the future, with Mobile playing a key role. SMS in particular, can improve sales, generate footfall and enhance engagement.

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