The most effective mobile brands: how do you compare?

According to Oxygen8’s latest research, the role mobile phones play within our daily lives is changing, dramatically. The traditional peer to peer voice call popularity has now fallen below services such as weather, navigation and the mobile device’s camera.

We now use our smartphones to monitor our heart beat, improve the efficiency of our central heating in our homes, or to track the distance of our run, it remains the simplest service of them all, the humble text message, that continues to be the most popular service on mobile, used by over 90% of mobile users.

Most popular mobile service

Between November 2014 and February 2015, almost 8,500 votes were cast by UK mobile users based on their view of the best brand, feature or service on their mobile device. In total, more than 500 individual brands, features and services, were nominated in the search to identify the Master of Mobile. To see the top 20 Mobile Brands download Oxygen8 free white paper here

With considerably bigger budgets, it’s not surprising that the world’s biggest brands feature in our Master of Mobile top 20, but if we dissect the results by sector, the unlikely winner is banking, with the sector occupying an impressive 35% of the top 20 brands. Whereas, news, social media and shopping each account for 15% of the top 20.

Top 20 Brands


Not only was the BBC the highest ranked broadcaster, BBC News was the highest standalone news service, and BBC Weather the highest branded weather service – and all featured within the top 30. Fierce rivals Sky, along with Sky News and Sky Sports, were all outside the top 20, placed 33, 24, and 27 respectively.

Google Maps was the leading maps and navigation branded service, and the only provider of its type to feature in the top 50. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that travel services of any description did not get into the top 50, especially considering the poor health (i.e. congestion and delays) of the UK’s road and rail network. In fact, National Rail was the highest placed in 70th, closely followed by Transport for London (71st) and The Trainline (75th). The highest ranking airline was BA in 77th.

The most popular food and drink service on mobile is Domino’s Pizza, but is clearly not a priority for UK mobile users as it was just outside the top 50, and the only provider in its category to make the top 100.

A surprising omission was the automotive industry, with only BMW attracting one nomination.

Our latest white paper includes also an in-depth analysis of the three most popular categories on mobile according to Uk users: Social Media, Banking and Shopping. Download Oxygen8 group free Whitepaper here


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