February 20, 2014 Nicola Robathan

One in Six GB Consumers Receive No Form of Mobile Marketing


Oxygen8 Group research reveals lack of mobile strategy that could be costing businesses

One in six GB consumers receive no form of direct mobile marketing from businesses, according to research by integrated mobile solutions specialist Oxygen8 Group. This is despite nearly a quarter of consumers (22%) admitting that they would be more likely to buy from/spend money with a business in future if the company sent them a useful mobile communication. This missed opportunity could be costing businesses big in terms of potential customer revenue and marks a clear call to action to deploy a mobile marketing strategy in order to grow their customer base.

“The mobile phone has become the lynch pin of everyday life and the opportunity to reach and engage with customers through the medium has never been greater,” says Maria Grant, Head of Product Development at Oxygen8 Group. “Targeting consumers through the mobile phone should form an essential part of a marketer’s strategy. It is worrying that some businesses still don’t recognise the value in mobile marketing.”

Of the consumers that do receive communications on their mobile phones, including SMS messages, app notifications, email and automated voice messages, the survey found that some tactics were being used more than others. Automated voice messages were received the least often, with the average person getting just two a week. In contrast emails read on a mobile device were the most utilised form of communication, with consumers receiving nine every week.

“While companies are using a variety of tactics to communicate with consumers the research shows us that some types of communication are being used more than others,” continues Grant. “Our industry knowledge tells us that a joined up approach that uses the full range of communication options available to a business is more effective. We’d advise marketers that are already using mobile to think about combining the communication options they’re using with other options to create more impact for their campaigns.”

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