INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Customer Service Trends for 2014

Customer service has evolved over time, and as mobile and social media usage increase, there are now a multitude of ways for the customer to receive support. Unified platforms bring together voice, email, mobile and social media to allows organisations to know as much information on the customer and their enquiries. Customer service in 2014 is about to take a leap forward!  Read more

How to Improve Your Communications Strategy and Consumer Engagement in 2014


Moving to interactive mobile services is becoming a viable business strategy for many organisations wanting to improve communications. Demand from consumers for instant information is increasing and they have no time for queues or being left endlessly (and on occasion, fruitlessly) on hold. Customers want immediate access to the information they are seeking and failing to offer the right channels to provide real-time interaction will see businesses lose out to those quick to embrace innovative communication technologies.

The single biggest shift happening in the world today is a move towards a mobile centric approach to communicating with customers. Services designed without mobile cannot take advantage of mobile only users, so this transition will require a strategic shift in approach to be able to leverage this key communications channel. Read more

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