UK-company Oxygen8 primed for major global growth following reorganisation and key appointments

Oxygen8 Group, the innovative integrated platform provider helping businesses make smarter choices, has completed its internal reorganisation and appointed senior industry figures, as the company looks to consolidate its position as the leading corporate and mobile payment solutions provider.

To serve the rapid expansion enjoyed by Oxygen8 in the corporate sector, Simon Brennan is now heads up Corporate Solutions, while Kevin Dawson will become Head of Payments, to oversee the evolution of the company’s advanced payment solutions.

Brennan has extensive experience in delivering communications solutions for corporates, such as HSBC, Experian, Sainsbury’s, Whitbread, RBS, Vodafone, Nationwide and BskyB.

“Oxygen8’s unique propositions offer myself and my team a market leading set of solutions to support the growth in our corporate customer base,” said Brennan, Head of Corporate Sales at Oxygen8. “Corporates are using mobile to develop a deeper connection and understanding with their customer base, and it’s our Evolve platform that is driving that relationship.”

To meet the growing demand for paying for goods and services with a mobile device, Dawson will draw on his 20 years’ experience in the ICT sector to develop Oxygen8’s commercial strategy for mobile payments.

“This is the most exciting period for mobile payments and my challenge is to ensure Oxygen8 remains in the driving seat,” said Dawson, Head of Payments at Oxygen8.

With over 10 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, Oxygen8 has chosen Ray Tierney, former CEO, as Group Commercial Director. This Board position will see Ray focused on directing and accelerating sales across the Group for Corporate Solutions.

To complement the reorganisation, Oxygen8 has appointed Robert Townsend as Chief Marketing Officer and Jonathan Geoghegan as Head of Products.

Townsend brings over 20 year’s expertise, with specific experience in B2B Technical and SAAS marketing, and will review Oxygen8 Group’s international marketing strategy and operations, and spearhead the company’s objectives and expansion plans.

“Oxygen8 is a truly heavyweight player working with a glittering array of brands and mobile operators on the international stage,” said Townsend, Chief Marketing Officer at Oxygen8. “Building on this success, we will strengthen our position in the UK and Ireland, Australia, South Africa and East Africa.”

Keeping Oxygen8’s products and services at the leading-edge is the responsibility of Jonathan Geoghegan, whom has a wealth of experience covering product, vendor, and channel management.

“Multi-channel solutions have been the back bone of our success across multiple territories – continuing this with exciting new products ‑ and services ‑ means we remain rooted to delivering the products and services that deliver results, demanded by our corporate and mobile operator customers,” said Geoghegan, Head of Products at Oxygen8.

The internal reorganisation and appointments of Townsend and Geoghegan are Oxygen8’s direct response to emerging trends in the corporate and mobile operator space.

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